NGK SPARK PLUG to change company name to ‘Niterra’

"Brilliant Ideas for a Brighter Future"

Brand new movie is released expressing the thoughts behind the new English trade name and logos, as well as the worldview aiming to achieve in the future.

NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. (President: Takeshi Kawai, Headquareters: Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan) hereby announces that, a brand movie has been released on March 6 (Mon.), expressing the thoughts behind the change of the English company name to "Niterra Co., Ltd.” as well as formulation of the group logo and renewal of the corporate logo coming in April 2023.
Background of the Production of the Brand Movie
The Company has announced to change its English company name to "Niterra Co., Ltd." effective April 1, 2023, and will be reborn as the "Niterra Group”. In order for the "Niterra Group" to work as a united group to further promote efforts to transform its business portfolio, the new Group logo and the new corporate logo have been created. The brand movie has been produced to communicate to the stakeholders the change in the English company name, the thoughts behind the new logo, and the vision of what the Niterra Group aspires.
The Brand Movie

The new English trade name, Niterra, is a coin word, combining the Latin words of "niteo" (shine) and "terra" (earth). It expresses the Group's desire and stance to contribute not only to a sustainable society, but also to be a company that makes the entire global environment brighter.

The brand movie expresses the current image of the Niterra Group, which is expanding its business fields and taking on the challenges of new fields while utilizing the technologies cultivated in the internal combustion engine business since its founding, and its future vision of becoming "a company that brightens the earth and its future" by creating new technologies and services for the coming hydrogen society, recycling-oriented society, and space society.

The movie depicts various people around the world shining through the values provided by the Group. The use of colorful animations also expresses the company's will to change as a whole, while respecting diversity.

NGK SPARK PLUG Group will continue to take on challenges as a company that keeps providing values to solve social issues.

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